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Sinus 06NS50-4D

Conecto Sinus joint is innovation solution on the market. Due to unique construction and best quality materials it gives feeling when driving over it, that there is no profile in the floor. Using sinusoid joint you could avoid floor cracking and difficult and expensive reparations. Conecto Sinus joints completely absorb shocks and they are completely invisible in usage. Usage of Conecto Sinus joints minimizes operation costs. They reduce problem of damaged fork-lift wheels, loading equipment and goods destruction due to shocks.

ConectoSinus expansionjointsallowforamovementbetweenfloorplates:

  • dowel size 180x120x8mm ±15mm parallel and ±20mm perpendicular
  • dowel size 180x140x10mm ±20mm parallel and ±30mm perpendicular

Sinusoid joint evenly moves tension which gives correct mutual horizontal and side-by-side movements. Another advantage of these joints is easy installation. You just need to put the strip in proper place and anchor it to the ground. Anchoring elements size and shape are designed to give the biggest surface to move the tenses between parts of the floor.

Conecto Sinus system allows for the free movement of forklifts which wheels are particularly damaging for wrong made expansion joints.

Places of application:

  • industrial floors
  • logistics and distribution centers
  • industrial buildings
  • industrial storage facilities
  • airports
  • Possibility to prepare top sinus from galvanized steel or stainless steel
  • Very big surface of steel dowel standard size 180x120x8, possibility to use bigger dowels - 180x140x10
  • Standard space between dowels 600mm (4D)
  • Possibility to use more dowels per one joint (5D, 6D) to increase max loads on floor
  • Standard grade steel on top S235, dowel system S355 - Nylon screws M10 providing possibility of separation and work between floor fields
  • Plastic cover made of highly resistant ABS plastic

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